Connie Rahakundin Bakrie

Biografi Connie Rahakundin Bakrie

Rahakundini Laspetrini Bakrie was born in Bandung on November 3, 1964. She is a lecturer in political science focusing on defense and military issues at the Faculty of Social and Political Science, University of Indonesia, and Executive Director of IODAS (Institute of Defense and Security Study).

On er return from Moscow, Russia--prior to that she studied in Sydney, Australia, and in Vancouver, Canada--Rahakundini is immersing her self inpractical politics in Indonesia. The experience has motivated her to study politics. In 2005 she received her bachelor degree and in 2007 her master in political science degree from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of University of Indonesia. She also graduated from Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies (APCSS), Honolulu,Hawaii.

In addition to Defending Indonesia, Rahakundini also writes for Media Indonesia daily. Among her published articles were: "Reformulating the Posture of TNI Budget", "A Marine Country with Poor Vision", "Economic Strategy 60 Years Ahead", "Are We Ready to Face Terrorism?" and "Oil Politics: The Threat of G.O.D". Rahakundini now lives in Jakarta with her beloved husband Lieutenant General TNI (Ret.) Djadja Suparman M.M.,and two beloved children, Audindra and Samantha.